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How to Deal with the Top Sewer Line Issues

How to Deal with the Top Sewer Line Issues

Having an awareness of the most common issues can help prevent issues with your sewer line.

Sewer pipe issues and common sewer line issues are never fun to deal with. They can both disrupt both commercial and residential sewage and drainage systems. Having an awareness of the most common issues and which signs to look out for can help prevent problems and help prepare you in case you encounter any sewer pipe emergency. Read on to learn about the top sewer line issues, how they occur, and what to do to in case they occur.

Tree Root Infiltration of Sewer Lines

Root infiltration is when tree roots clog up by a sewer pipe. Tree roots seek out moisture, and if a root happens to find a crack in a pipe, it’ll latch onto it and start to grow into it. Root infiltration usually causes sewer pipe to corrode, crack, and in very extreme cases, collapse entirely. It is also good preventative maintenance to have your sewer line and pipes regularly inspected by the professionals.

Damaged Sewer Lines and Pipes

Damaged sewer pipes could cause issues with drainage, water supply, and anything else water-related inside your home. Be on the lookout for any potential standing water in your house, or toilets not flushing correctly. Another indicator is the smell of sewage around your house; this kind of scent is entirely impossible to miss. Any damp spots that appear in your ceiling or around plumbing fixtures can also signal that your sewer line might be damaged. If you do happen to notice any of these signs, seek some professional sewer line repairs or replacement.

Clogged Sewer Lines and Pipes

A clogged sewer line or sewer drain is one of the easier pipe problems to notice. One of the first signs is a toilet not flushing or shower not draining water down properly. If there’s standing water in your shower or around your bathroom toilet, then there is a strong likelihood a clogged up sewer pipe is causing it. As mentioned earlier, another sign will be a disgusting smell of sewage. If the obstruction is deep inside the sewer line, you will likely have to call a plumber to unclog it.

Old Corroded Metal Pipes

Highly acidic water is very likely to cause corrosion within pipes. Water with a pH level of seven or higher is considered “aggressive” and could eat away at metal pipes, especially if the pipes are a bit older. Metal pipes could also corrode if they are left idle for an extended period.

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