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Does Your Home Have a Leaking Sewer or Septic Tank?

b&d plumbing leaking sewer or septic tank

Read on for the signs and solutions for your leaking sewer or septic tank.

While sewer and septic tanks play a critical role in waste management, these underground marvels can come with problems, including leaks. It can lead to more significant issues, both environmentally and within your home. Read on for the signs and solutions for your leaking sewer or septic tank.

The Hidden Signs

Detecting a leaking sewer or septic tank requires a keen eye and attention to detail. Even though it’s unseen from view, there are multiple indications of a leak. So, watch out for foul odors lingering in the air, unexplained lush green patches, or sudden insect infestations on your property. Your underground system might have a leak if you discover slow drains, gurgling noises, or backups in your plumbing system.

Over time, septic tanks can undergo wear and tear, especially if they are made of concrete or steel. Some factors to consider for the breakdown could be poor maintenance, age, or external pressure. All of these reasons can contribute to fractures, corrosion, or cracks in the tank walls or seams.

Property Damage & Health Risks

A leaking sewer or septic tank can also damage your property severely and pose health concerns to you and your loved ones. Additionally, the leakage can enter your foundation, provoking structural damage and compromising your home’s integrity. The foul odors released from the leaking waste can develop an unhealthy living environment. As a result, this can lead to respiratory problems and other health concerns.

Environmental Impact

Moreover, a leaking sewer or septic tank can create environmental risks. These leaks can contaminate the groundwater, soil, and nearby water sources. Consequently, this leads to water pollution and the possible spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens. So, addressing these leaks without delay is vital to reduce their impact on public health.

Seeking Answers

Quick action is essential when discovering a leaking sewer or septic tank in your underground system. Contact B&D Plumbing at 301-595-1141. You can rely on our fantastic reputation built on quality and trust. Also, we have a fast response rate, and our attention to detail is high. Remember, investing in professional plumbing assistance ensures the problem is resolved correctly.

Get in Touch With B&D Today!

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