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Rooter Service 101

Rooter Service

What does rooter service look like? We’ve got a breakdown of some common problems fixed by investing in it.

You may have heard the term rooter service thrown around in reference to professional plumbing services before. It’s a general term that refers to any plumbing repairs surrounding drain cleaning or pipe repairs. The reason it gets this name is because tree roots were, at one point in time, the most common cause of these issues. Since then, the term has been expanded to refer to more than repairing drain and sewer line issues that are a result of tree roots and includes things like clog removal, fixing slow drainage problems, and more. Let’s take a look at the basics of what rooter service can look like and how you can tell if you’d benefit from it.

What Does Rooting Service Entail?

Calling a professional plumber for rooter service results in a process. The first step is for that plumber to diagnose whatever issue is causing your drainage issues or any other plumbing problem you may be struggling with. This may involve a visual inspection of plumbing fixtures, various diagnostic tests to determine what the issue is, or even a video inspection to check for deeper clogs or pipe damage that may not be readily apparent.

After the problem is revealed, your plumber will explain what the repair options are and together, you choose what the next step is. Sometimes this involves snaking drains, replacing sections of pipes, or repairing pipes that are cracked or corroded. If you’re in need of sewer line replacement, you may need excavation services as well, though this depends on how bad the issue actually is.

Do You Need Rooting Service?

Some issues that may call for a rooter service include toilets that are gurgling, drains that are slow or not working altogether, multiple backed-up drains, wastewater backups in your plumbing fixtures or that are causing flooding. These problems almost always call for a plumber that offers rooter service so don’t let those issues stagnate and make sure you get in touch with a professional right away.

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