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Is Your Dishwasher Leaking Water from Underneath?

b&d plumbing dishwasher leaking water from underneath

Learn why your dishwasher is leaking water from underneath.

Dishwashers are fantastic for washing utensils, cups, and other tableware. So, having one saves you time if you are busy. However, a failing or broken dishwasher can be a nuisance, especially if it is causing a water leak. Continue reading to learn why your dishwasher is leaking water from underneath.

You Have a Defective Gasket

A faulty gasket is one of the most common causes of your dishwasher leaking water from underneath. In addition, the gasket’s task is to make a watertight seal when the door is closed. But, the gasket won’t seal adequately when it’s loose, damaged, or dirty. Unfortunately, this may lead to water leaking from the dishwasher door during rinse cycles. Remember to search for cracks, dirt, or holes to inspect the gasket. Otherwise, you can clean up the dirt buildup with a microfiber cloth.

Malfunctioning Water Pump System

Another reason why your dishwasher is leaking water from underneath is due to a malfunctioning water pump system. The water pump system has two functions: to provide water to the wash cycle and empty the drain water. In addition, water may build up at the bottom of your appliance if you have a damaged water pump cycle. Your machine will also leak water from the bottom if your water system’s clamps and hoses break or wear out.

Damaged Water Valve

It’s also essential to inspect the valve that allows water to enter your dishwasher’s chamber for any issues. The water inlet valve is on the hose in the back of your dishwasher. Fortunately, B&D Plumbing can replace your leaky valve. Remember that your dishes will not come out clean if your dishwasher has a defective valve.

Clogged Water Filter

Furthermore, a clogged filter can signify why your dishwasher is leaking water from underneath. Filters are designed to catch particles before they end up in the drain. However, water might overfill and spread from the bottom if you have a stuffy filter. So, it’s significant to clean your filter regularly.

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