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Does Your Home Have Low Water Pressure in the Shower?

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Low water pressure isn’t only an inconvenience; it can also bring trouble to your home’s plumbing system.

When you don’t have sufficient water pressure, it may be tough to clean your dishes or take a shower. Low water pressure isn’t only an inconvenience; it can also bring trouble to your home’s plumbing system. However, low pressure can be localized to specific areas within your home. Take a look at these low water pressure problems and how you can fix them.

The Shower Has Low Water Pressure

Instead of receiving a steady stream from your showerhead, the water comes out in a weird spray or barely comes out. This is likely due to a plumbing fixture restricting water from coming out of the tap. Over time, mineral deposits can block the water flow through the fixture. You can fix this problem by removing the showerhead and clearing the filter inside.

If your showerhead is clean, but there is still low water pressure, this can be caused by a flow restrictor to limit water consumption. So, you can adjust the pressure regulator to increase flow.

The Water Pressure Suddenly Drops

When you turn on your tap and receive adequate water pressure but then it unexpectedly drops, you might have a clogged pipe. In addition, water supply lines can clog rust, minerals, and other materials. The buildup restricts water flow and water pressure. Moreover, clearing a water line clog is the job of a professional plumber such as B&D Plumbing. Our plumbers will inspect if the clog can be cleared or if the pipe has been damaged and must be replaced.

Your Hot Water Pressure Reduces

Are you noticing that you have low water pressure when using hot water? This can be caused by:

  • The water heater is undersized
  • Sediment buildup in the water heater
  • Sediment and mineral buildup in hot water pipes

Fortunately, the B&D Plumbing team can examine your water heater to determine the cause of your low water pressure.

You Have Low Water Pressure from Corroded Plumbing

Low water pressure at your tap can indicate a problem with leaks in your lines. Additionally, older plumbing systems can corrode over time from sulfate and sediment. A thorough plumbing inspection can identify where leaks have developed within your home’s plumbing system and repair or replace the affected pipes.

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